Williams Lake

112E North Second Avenue,

Williams Lake, BC  Canada  V2G 1Z6
Telephone: (250) 392-4202
Fax: (250) 392-1088
24hr line: (877) 654-2222


Dave Cassidy


Cell: (250) 302-1599 

Since 1997, Dave Cassidy has established a strong rapport with various insurance companies and insurance brokers in the area. His logging and ranching background has given him an intimate knowledge of these industries; thereby, enhancing the the company's ability to adjust claims in these areas. In addition, Mr. Cassidy also focuses on both commercial and residential property claims.


Julia Slater, BA


Cell: (250) 682-1598

Upon completing receiving her degree, Julia Slater entered into the insurance industry in 2002.  Julia has demonstrated the ability to thoroughly investigate claims in an ever-changing industry, helping to ensure the satisfaction of policy holders and their Insurers.  She has a strong interest in plaintiff/defendant work, providing consistent information to Insurers and their counsel.  Mrs. Slater's strong interpersonal skills allow her to work well with clients and other business associates at various levels of the insurance industry.